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Foam Rolling

Learn how to properly recover by incorporating a combination of stretching, mobility routines, and foam rolling into your routine. Coach Steven will empower attendants with the knowledge required to perform the recovery their bodies are craving. Each week will involve foam rolling, mobility practices and stretches.

To inquire about Foam Rolling Classes for individuals or groups, please email: Nora


Keep your kids active this summer by enrolling them in our Summer Kids Fit program!

Beginning June 3rd and continuing through July 31, your children will have the opportunity to learn yoga on Mondays and HIIT circuit training on Wednesdays.

Kids Fit is catered towards ages 4-7 but 8-10yo are welcome too.  Please stop by our Hospitality Desk for pricing options and to sign up!

Sports Performance

Sign your children up for a program built to make them stronger athletes. Our certified personal trainers will take them through a variety of drills that focus on improving running, jumping, change of direction, paired with a wide variety of explosive movements. 

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