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KidZone Hours

Monday – Thursday: 8AM – 1PM & 4PM – 7PM
Friday: 8AM – 1PM
Saturday: 8AM – 12PM

Please note:  There is a 90-min limit per weekday.  ONE hour limit on Saturdays.  Also, when school is out of session for emergency school closures (weather, etc), there is a ONE hour limit per day, per child.

KidZone Policies

  • We accept children aged 6 weeks - 11 years.

  • Parents must always remain on property or be attending a Regymen workout.

  • The member that drops off the child must also pick the child up unless prior arrangements were made with our KidZone staff.

  • Children must be in good health.  If your child has vomited, has had diarrhea, or has had a fever in the last 24 hours then they are not permitted in KidZone.  We reserve the right to refuse childcare to any child we believe to be sick.

  • Members must provide their own diapers, wipes, and any other necessary items needed to care for their child.

  • Children are permitted to bring in snacks, but please note ... WE ARE A NUT FREE area and do not allow any nuts of any kind in our rooms.  Please also do not bring any hot food/fast food.

  • Children are permitted to bring a drink but all cups or water bottles must be labelled with the childs name visibly written on it.

  • We can not potty train your child.  If they cannot verbally tell our staff that they need to use the restroom, please bring them in a diaper or pull-up.

  • Toys from home are not permitted.

  • No gum.

  • All personal items must be labelled.

  • Sharing of snacks is prohibited.

  • We will locate the parents should the need arise.

  • Only legal guardians can drop-off and pick-up their children, unless written permission is provided to our staff from the legal guardian.  (i.e. Please do not bring friends, cousins, etc unless we have a note from the childs legal guardian granting you permission to be their responsibility and you pay the drop-in fee.)


Stay up-to-date with any KidZone updates and announcements by following our BLUEWATER FITNESS KIDZONE facebook page.

Our Kidzone provides fun and entertaining ways to encourage fitness and learning through activity. Children will experience fun activities, crafts, themes and special events. Parents can exercise with peace of mind knowing their children are in qualified and loving hands. All Kidzone professionals are CPR-certified with appropriate background checks. In addition, the Kidzone is always clean and very well maintained.  During the busy hours, we do separate the kids based on ages with any non-walkers or new walkers staying in our calm "baby room" and all the older children enjoying active play time in our new turf room.

Want your children to stay active?

Stop by the Hospitality Desk to learn more about the amazing programs Bluewater Fitness has to offer for kids and teens.


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