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Whether you are looking to lose weight, gain strength, free yourself from physical limitations or chase adventure, our certified personal trainers will lead you to success.

  • HEALTH: We sit with you to understand your particular goals and needs then create a plan to meet them.

  • FLEXIBILITY: Learn the basics of body mobility and improve upon problem areas (tight hips, back, etc).

  • STRENGTH/TONE: Discover how to build muscle and strengthen problem areas through resistance and weight exercises.

  • WEIGHT LOSS: Understand your body composition and focus on your strengths to enact change.

  • ENERGY: Improve your energy levels with a consistent fitness routine.

  • PERFORMANCE: Acquire new and progressive techniques to improve athletic performance at any level.

  • KNOWLEDGE: Utilize and understand the value of your new membership by utilizing the various offerings and services (equipment orientation, classes, etc).

Personal Training that Fits Your Life


Achieve your fitness goals through 1-on-1 workouts personalized to match your abilities. Your personal trainer will inspire, guide and motivate.

FREE Fitness Assessment


Meet with a Personal Training Consultant to review your fitness goals and discuss personal training options. You will be matched with an experienced personal trainer to assess your abilities and determine your action plan.  Complete the form and we will contact you via phone, email, or text.


Enjoy the individual attention and proven benefits of personal training in half the time. 30-minute sessions to fit your busy life.


Workout with a friend. Semi-private personal training matches you and a friend with a trainer eager to help you succeed together.

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